Here you can find dog products that are in our collection.

We have different kind of dog collars (one reflective for safe walks in the dark). When ordering our dog collar remember to inform your dog’s name and in cases your phone number.  To summarize are sure that you and your dog are satisfied!

Clothing section include different products to choose from. Cold winter brings your dog a need for a proper wear. From us you can get our warm dog boots and dog jacket. Lastly for easier wear you can get a dog sweatshirt or even dogs t-shirt.

Also the health of your dog is important. We have plenty of dog toys to choose form. After playing relax with your dog and give a grooming with  pet glove. Likewise to keep your dog look good and healthy it also needs a good bed to sleep in. We have several variants to choose form to get that good long sleep after a long day.

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