Riku The Dog

Hello everybody I’m Riku the dog This is my dog blog post! I have been not so long ago in a surgery. That’s why I’m wearing this thing around my neck.

Earlier my parents told me to that soon I will be released form this annoying thing. As the day finally came I was too exited I was playing with my dog toy harder than ever. My parents bought it from online pet shop.

Later we were walking outside I was too keen to go around every possible corner I could find. Sound great, yes?! Well I thought so also but my over excitement didn’t do too good to my wound from the surgery.

As I was sleeping after we came home. I had ran out of energy, my parents told me that I have to wear this thing again. I couldn’t believe my ears and I tried to escape. but as you can see in the photo(taken today), I wasn’t able to escape or even convince my parents that I will behave more calmly for now on (my ball toy for dogs was not in my mouth).

For some reason they didn’t believe me. Therefore I’m still wearing this thing. Regularly when my parents are not around I have tried to take it off, with no success, only some bad taste of plastic in my mouth. To summarize please if you have and ideas how to get this thing off and hide it so that I don’t have to ever wear it again, please write me okey!? I hope this dog blog helps me to find a solution!

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